RiverXchangers Create Dramatic Presentations, Raise Baby Fish, and More!

The first half of the 2013-2014 RiverXchange program has showcased many creative projects from around the world.

Students have created PowerPoints and videos about their rivers, watersheds and critical issues affecting these resources. We saw “news reporters”, dramatic presentations, puppets, and story-box illustrations. The writing was excellent with some very persuasive pieces about water quality and the importance of reducing water pollution. Several writing samples were in story form and the pictures that the students posted were beautiful. These provided great visual comparisons of New Mexico and the other RiverXchange locations.

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM
Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM
Swan River, Perth, Western Australia
Swan River, Perth, Western Australia

Some special projects: New Mexico students participated in Bosque tree-planting.  Located within the Rio Grande Valley State Park, Alamo Farm is managed by the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division and is located adjacent to the west bank of the Rio Grande. Every winter, the City of Albuquerque plants thousands of cottonwood trees, willows and native shrubs to help restore the Rio Grande Bosque. This year, RiverXchange students have planted 137 cottonwoods and 370 coyote willows during January and February. This farm is a wildlife preserve and provides valuable habitat for bosque wildlife, especially migratory birds like Sandhill cranes.While students planted native trees, they got to see porcupines, bald eagles, coyotes and other bosque animals.  This project site is called the ABCWUA Paseo del Norte project, a drinking water mitigation project, that included planting native vegetation along a silvery minnow channel.

In Ohio, a RiverXchange class is fostering young fry (baby trout) and will help restock their local river. In Washington, students participating in a similar project will release their salmon fry into their local stream. In Romania, the students joined National Cleaning Day and collected the trash along the river – “especially plastic bottles”. These are just a few of the community projects that the RiverXchange students have supported. Many will conduct water testing on their nearby streams and rivers this spring.

Albuquerque Watershed Project

ABQ Water shed project

Presentation CameroonWater testing in Cameroon

We are extremely proud of ALL 82 RiverXchange teachers!

Amongst the current changes and demands of teachers, this dedicated and creative group supports the commitment to foster a greater awareness of water resources and to empower the next generation of environmental stewards. Our congratulations go out to these educators for a first semester of outstanding student projects and performance.

RiverXchange has classes in Ohio, Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Washington state. This year we have international classes in Belarus, Cameroon, Australia, Romania and Russia. Our international classes came to us through our association with World Wide Monitoring Challenge. Check out our Google Map to see the locations of all 2013-2014 RiverXchange classes.