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Extend your students’ learning beyond just the presentations with the following activities and reflections:

The project numbers correspond with the sequencing of the curriculum.

**Notes content which correlates to the presentations and/or field trip NM classes receive.

Understanding a Watershed  

* Project 1:   Introduction to Your Watershed: River Geography 

        * Project 2:   Watershed Model (Enviroscape)

           Project 3:   Infiltration and Runoff

           Project 4:   Forests and Wetlands

Water in Our Society 

         * Project 5:   Commercial Uses of Our Waterways: Agriculture (4H presentation)

                * Project 5:   Commercial Uses of Our Waterways: Agriculture & Acequias

         * Project 7:   Drinking Water

            Project 8:   Groundwater

         * Project 9:   Wastewater

River Ecosystems 

        * Project 10: Pole Planting Field Trip